2013 FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff Tomorrow!

Alright, enough videos–tomorrow marks the start of the 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition season with their annual Kickoff telecast.  FIRST hasn’t released details on how to watch online, but with local Kickoff events all over the place there might just be one near you.  It’ll also be up on YouTube shortly after the telecast, if last year is any indication.

Time to find out what that hint means!

Tailgate Buddy: Robotic Power Wheels

When people find out I build robots, the first question is “Do they fight each other?”

The second, almost always, is “Can you make me one that’ll get me a beer?”

This senior design project from the University of Central Florida uses an IR emitter (in the guy’s hand) and a mix of IR receivers and ultrasonic sensors to navigate the area around.  Reportedly, there’s also a water gun as protection against people blocking the path.  While undemonstrated in the video, you can spot the washer fluid reservoir they’re using for it.

What’s not to love?